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One of the best experiences of my life. Was so nervous when I walked in as I don’t have much modelling experience but Christian made me feel soooo at ease from the start and guided me through the whole process that by the end of the shoot I didn’t want it to stop. He is such an amazing photographer that he got shots of me I never knew I could take and the results were far better and beyond what I ever thought was possible. Very friendly, über talented, creative, funny and a joy to work with! Totally fulfilled my dream of feeling like I was on ANTM

— Marvin Winston




More than pics! I cannot recommend Christian Scott highly enough.

As a person who is and always has been uneasy with their appearance my photoshoot with Christian Scott and the resulting photographs have been a highlight for me for many reasons.

I have never been easy in front of a camera or ever thought it possible to be photographed by a photographer of Christian’s standing or achieve the results I did, especially considering I am in my 40’s. I’m sure my awkwardness was achallenge for Christian but if frustrated he never showed it. I never felt rushed and quickly handed my full trust over to following Christian’s direction as he shared glimpses of images as the shoot progressed which served to encourage me.

The shoot was for personal reasons. To mark recovery from personal events and health challenges I’d recently recovered from. To be a marker in time to build from, with the photos becoming a great source of pride for me helping me move stronger into this next phase of life.

Committing to the shoot was the hardest part. As Christian said, booking the shoot would focus me to rebuild my health and fitness and the resulting pics contribute to rebuilding confidence. However the greatest benefit from the photoshoot remains the development of my friendship with Christian.

Thank you my friend for this amazing experience and I look forward to working with you again to mark all future significant events.

— Troyden Lewis



Very professional, very comfortable and very ambient. Christian got some great results from my shoot due to him being very personable and open. I came in very self conscious, a bit hesitant and quite anxious, that was quickly abolished with the professional setting, the hospitality and general warm nature. I cannot wait to see the final product and hopefully shoot again in future.

I came out of my session very empowered and happy. Thanks, Christian!

— Garrett Kelly




The most professional studio I have been into. Christian made me feel so comfortable and I didn’t have to do anything I didn’t want to do. I would highly recommend Christian Scott to anyone look for some high quality professional photos weather for personal use or for a job or even for families wanting a family shoot. I can’t say anymore, just try it yourself you won’t be disappointed.

— Sarah Wheeler




When Christian first approached me to do a shoot, I laughed. Why? You’d be lucky to find me on the beach with my shirt off, let alone in front of a camera lens. After some thought I accepted the invitation and challenge. Walking into Studio Christian Scott I was overcome with nerves and caution. Over the 6 hours I spent with Christian we worked creatively and artistically together while he provided an experience that was relaxed, positive, safe and most importantly – comfortable and trusting . Christian Scott took me out of my comfort zone, I walked out liberated and empowered – Thank you!

— Patrick James





What an incredible experience! This was the 2nd time I have done a photoshoot and Christian was incredible! He made me feel right at home and his studio is incredible and relaxing. My photos turned out amazing too. Can’t wait for the next shoot with him! Highly recommended!

— Andy Scholz




I met Christian Scott at a DNA event, and after a drink and a chat the opportunity for this shoot arose. Having never done anything like this before, I was understandably nervous. Christian made me feel incredibly comfortable from the get go. I was so impressed with his attention to detail and his ability to ensure we got the very best shot each time. I honestly can say that the experience with Christian is one I thoroughly enjoyed and something I’ll remember for a long time. Thanks Christian!

— Daniel Nicholas




Christian Scott has to be one of my favourite photographers. Not only is he great at what he does, he is also a very respectable guy to work with and I believe makes all the difference in shoots. With his creative mind and direction he was able to bring out looks and poses that I have never been able to create. I would definitely recommend Christian to any model looking for work within this industry.
— Rodney




Christian came very highly recommended to me by many of my colleagues. Having worked with many acclaimed photographers worldwide, i was a little curious as to how he matches up against the rest. I would have to say without a doubt that it was the best and most professional experience i have had.

His time and attention to detail is beyond amazing and the results speak for themselves. I will without a doubt be hopefully working with him again very soon. I thoroughly believe that the model is only as good as the Photographer and with Christian your sure to see 10 out of 10 results.

— Blake Stemm




Christian was highly recommended to me by a friend when I was looking for a talented photographer to take a few shots of my partner as a birthday present. When I first message him he was really approachable and friendly. That was when I knew he was the right guy.

On the shooting day, my partner was nervous; this was uncharted territory and I wanted him to have the best experience possible. From a simple headshot to something more sexy. And that’s exactly what Christian delivered. With his talent and experience he directed and guided us through the entire process, from drafting ideas to how to pose and behave in front of the camera and the results were amazing. 

Thank you so much Christian for the unforgettable experience. You are an amazing artist and we absolutely loved working with you. We enjoyed every single moment of it and can’t wait for an opportunity to work with you again.

— Ary Junior




Christian has an excellent flare for his work and managed to get exactly the shots we wanted. Highly recommended.

— Tom Metzner




Christian is extremely talented photographer, I would say one of the best ones in entire Australia. He has a great eye for every single detail and angle during photo shooting. Christian knows how to enhance all beautiful features of people’s face and figure. He definitely makes each character on a photo alive and makes them breath by fabulous colours and lightening thanks to his superb attention. I love all my photos done by Christian. Very stylish and timeless!

— Marketa Dolezalova




Christian Scott has an incredible ability to make anyone feel at ease in front of the camera. The man has an amazing eye for detail, enabling him to capture your best angles.

— Shane Brookman




Wow. What a pleasure to work with you! At the beggining when I was asked to do this job i got a bit shy but once I arrived at your studio everything changed.What a great professional you are! You made me feel extremely comfortable and made the photoshoot so easy to make. Your professionalism and amazing personality had a great outcome! Your studio is immaculate, the make up area and the sweet treats yummy. Also the variety of background for the photos is just great! Well done. Thanks for the opportunity and looking forward to working with you again. 😉

— Bruno Batalha




Christian is an absolute star. He made me feel so comfortable in his professional studio in Alexandria. My photos that he took are amazing!, Christian really looks after you and ensures you get exactly what you want. You can see my results on my instagram: joshh.93

— Joshua Galea